Tedlancer Badges

At Tedlance, customer satisfaction is first. Tedlancer badges will assist Tedhirers to select suitable Tedlancers, with verified email and technical profile, for their requirement.  Tedhirer can easily identify the Tedlancer badges by looking at their profile.

At this moment, we are offering Three different badges for each Tedlancer –  Email Verified, Verified User and Advanced verification

Description about Tedlancer badges

Email Verified – Tedlancers with successful email verification will  have this badges on their profile page, as shown below



Verified User – Tedlancers with successful Linkedin profile ( or any public professional profile) verification will have this badge on their profile page , as shown below.




Advanced Verified – Tedlancers with successful verification of below checks will have with have the Advanced verified badge on their profile page, as show in below image.
Advanced Verification Checks:

  • LinkedIn Profile or any similar public professional profile.
  • Mobile verification
  • Any Photo identity of local Government authorized
  • Tedlance team do on call verification.








Disclaimer – Tedlance do above verification with in the best of our knowledge and access. We do not guarantee for any of these verifications or recommend any specific Tedlancer for your the service. Tedlancer badges are not a paid option on Tedlance.