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  • 1. What is Tedlance?

    Tedlance is a freelancing platform for Technical and educational business services.

  • 2. How to start with Tedlance?

    Whether you want to offer a service or buy a service, Please follow the basics.

    Signup is must and its free.

    Update your profile by clicking on Profile>>edit profile in user settings. Your personal communication address or contact number will not be disclosed to other users in Tedlance.

    Only your full name, country and Profile description will be visible to other users on Tedlance.

    Keep your Profile description strong to elevate your skills.

  • 3. What are the key terms in Tedlance?

    Tedlancers are the freelancers who provide their services on Tedlance

    Ted-Jobs are the services offered by individual Tedlancers

    Tedhirer who can hire Tedlancers by purchasing their posted Ted-Jobs.

    Ted-Sales is for Tedlancers to check their sales data including Posted jobs, active jobs, and delivered jobs.

    Ted-Purchases is for Tedhirer to check all their purchases and transactions data.

    Ted-Project is an option for Tedhirer to request a custom service from Tedlancers.

    Custom-quote are exclusive proposals that a Tedlancer can create in response to specific Custom-quote request from a Tedhirer.

    Payments is your financial transactions, status and Withdrawals.

  • 4. What is Tedlance Levels?

    Tedlance Levels are defined to Tedlancers based on their expertise and performance on Tedlance. The levels may upgrade or degrade automatically based on the performance and feedback from Tedhirers. Please refer the link

  • 5. What is Tedlance Badges?

    Tedlance Badges are provided by Tedlance to the Tedlancers based on their profile verification status. Please refer the link for detailed information.

  • 1. Who can become a Tedlancer on Tedlance?

    Any IT professionals with good expertise in their area of technology can register as a Tedlancer to offer services at Tedlance.

  • 2. Do I have to pay any subscription to become a Tedlancer on Tedlance?

    No. Tedlance subscription is free for Tedlancer to offer services

    We only charge Tedlancer in the form Tedlancer service fees when they make money through Tedlance by delivering services. Please refer the link for fee details

  • 3. I am a freelancer, How do I earn money on Tedlance?

    By joining Tedlance as a Tedlancer, you can make money  in two ways:

    1. You can post your freelancing services as predefined jobs called Ted-Jobs and let Tedhirers choose and buy your Ted-Job and you need to complete the Ted-Job.
    2.  You can also send Custom offers to Ted-projects posted by Tedhirer, If Tedhirer choose you for that service you can deliver the service.
  • 4. I am a Tedlancer, How do I post a Ted-Job on Tedlance?

    Ted-Jobs are the per-defined freelancing services that you want to sell on Tedlance.

    As a Tedlancer, you have to define the ted-job  in terms  of

    • What kind of service you are offering
    • What level service your are offering
    • For what technology your are offering
    • What information you need from the Tedhirer to deliver this Ted-Job
    • What kind of access, authentication you need from the Tedhirer, to complete the Ted-Job

    To create a Ted-job

    • Login to Site - > Ted-Sales ->  Post new Ted-Job


  • 5. How many Ted-Jobs I can create?

    There is no limit for Ted-Jobs that you can post on Tedlance, However we recommend to post only the services that you can deliver with 100% confidence.

  • 6. Who can send custom offers to Ted-Projects posted by Tedhirer?

    Any Tedlancer with enough expertise can send their custom offer for each Ted-Project posted by the Tedhirer. But to send these custom offers, Tedlancer must have at least one active posted Ted-Job.

  • 7. How to send a custom offer to a Ted-Project posted by Tedhirer?

    You can go to Ted-Sales -> Ted-Projects to see all the available requests, click on view more to send your custom offer.


  • 8. What is My Ted-Sales?

    Tedlancers can find theirs overall sales data in Ted-sales tab on their login page, which include Active, Delivered, Completed and cancelled Ted-Jobs. Also can view the amount you earned and available funds


  • 9. What is My Ted-Jobs?

    Tedlancers can manage their posted Ted-Jobs from "My Ted-Jobs" Page, where they can see all active/inactive Ted-jobs also can edit, deactivate or delete the exiting jobs.


  • 10. What is Active Ted-Jobs under my Ted-sales?

    Active jobs are the list of ted-jobs that Tedlancer currently working.


  • 11. What is delivered under my Ted-Sales?

    Delivered are the Ted-Jobs delivered by the Tedlancer and waiting for the Tedhirer review and confirmation to complete order.


  • 12. What If Tedhirer did not respond to a delivered Ted-Job?

    If Tedhirer did not respond to any delivered Ted-Job by Tedlancer,  Ted-Job will be auto completed by Tedlance system after 72 hours.

  • 13. When Ted-Job can be treated as completed Ted-Job?

    Ted-jobs will change to completed state in two conditions:

    1. When the Tedhirer clicks the link "mark complete the Ted-job" for a delivered Ted-job.
    2. When the Tedlance system auto completes a delivered ted-job due to no-response  from the Tedhirer for 72 hours.


  • 14. What is Cancelled under my Ted-Sales?

    Cancelled are the Ted-Jobs which are cancelled on the mutual understanding of Tedlancer and Tedhirer. Or closed by the admin in other disputed conditions.



  • 15. How to check the status of Ted-Job?

    Below are the status symbols for Ted-Jobs.


  • 16. What is Earned in my Ted-Sales?

    Earned is the total gross amount paid by Tedhirer for completed Ted-Jobs after pending clearance.


  • 17. What is withdrawals in my Ted-Sales?

    Withdrawal is the total amount withdrawn by the Tedlancer till now from Tedlance.


  • 18. What is pending clearance in my Ted-Sales?

    Once Ted-Job is completed the funds will be in pending clearance for safety clearance period of 7days before they move to Earned.


  • 19. What is Available funds in my Ted-Sales?

    Available funds are the total available amount of Tedlancer can withdraw any time. ( Note - Service charges may apply by third party services (eg-PayPal) while withdrawing, These are not charging by Tedlance or not in control of Tedlance)


  • 20. How can I withdraw my available funds from Tedlance?

    As of now Tedlance support following withdrawal options.

    1. PayPal (All Non Indian Tedlancers)
    2. Bank Transfer ( All Indian Tedlancers)

    You can find withdraw option in Payments>> Withdraw Money. Seller must have at least 10 USD in available funds to withdraw money from Tedlance.


  • 21. What should I do once I am done with the service of my Ted-Job?

    You can simply click Mark as delivered in Ted-Job page which will send to Tedhirer for review to close or request for further modifications.



  • 22. How do I can manage my exiting posted Ted-Jobs on Tedlance?

    You can manage your existing Ted-Jobs >> My Ted-Jobs page, You can Edit, Deactivate or even delete.


  • 23. I have delivered the service as described the scope of work in Ted-Job, If Tedhirer is demanding more work, What should I do.

    We recommend to keep all your conversations in written preferably using Tedlance messaging system to track the issue. If still there is a conflict, Please raise a support ticket under dispute. Tedlance dispute team will work and resolve the issue. Tedlance dispute team decision will be final.


  • 1. Who can become a Tedhirer in Tedlance?

    Any one who is looking for a service from a Tedlancer with in the list of categories available in Tedlance.

  • 2. How do I can Hire a Tedlancers in Tedlance?

    Tedlancers can be hired in three ways.

    -You can buy any Ted-Job posted by Tedlancers.

    -If you find a Ted-Job and looking for some customization to that Ted-Job, You can request custom offer.

    -If you can't find what you are looking for, Post a Ted-Project to receive offers and select the Tedlancer to hire for your service.

  • 3. When should I do payment for the services I required?

    Tedhirer should pay to Tedlance in advance while buying the Ted-Jobs, However the money will be released to Tedlancer once Ted-Jobs are completed. (Please refer above what is a completed Ted-Job)

  • 4. How do I can post a Ted-Project on Tedlance?

    If you can't find the service in Tedlance what you are looking for, you can post a Ted-Project from Ted-purchases


  • 5. Can I cancel my purchases on Tedlance?

    When Tedlancer did not complete your service on time, Or not delivered as per the scope of Ted-Job. You can click mutual cancellation on specific Ted-job to confirm the cancellation by Tedlancer.

  • 6. How do I get my refunds on Tedlance?

    In such case you cancelled your service on Tedlance, The funds will be credited to your Tedlance account. You can use these funds for future transactions or you can withdrawal from available funds.

  • 7. Will I get refund if I cancel my purchases?

    Yes. We refund the full amount you paid for the service, Except payment gateway charges as applicable.

  • 8. What is Active Ted-Jobs under My Ted-Purchases on Tedlance?

    Active Ted-Jobs are the open Ted-jobs which are working by Tedlancers.


  • 9. What is Pending my Review under My Ted-Purchases on Tedlance?

    Pending my Review are the Ted-Jobs which are marked as delivered by Tedlancer for your Review and click Mark completed to close the Ted-Job or Request for modification.


  • 10. What is Cancelled under My Ted-Purchases on Tedlance?

    Cancelled are the Ted-Jobs which are cancelled Ted-Jobs on mutual cancellation or closed by admin in Dispute condition.


  • 11. What is completed under My Ted-Purchases on Tedlance?

    Completed are the successfully delivered Ted-Jobs in your purchases.


  • 12. Can I ask for modifications once Tedlancer mark it as delivered?

    Yes. When Ted-Job is in your Pending my review, You can click Request Modification. You can request maximum of three times only.


  • 13. How do I can communicate with Tedlancer on Tedlance?

    We have built in messaging system to have private conversation with Tedlancer.


  • 14. Can I raise a query with a Tedlancer before buying Ted-Job

    Yes. You are allowed to contact Tedlancer with your query just by clicking contact Tedlancer on Ted-Job Page.


  • 15. I am not satisfied with Tedlancer Service and Tedlancer even not agreeing for mutual cancellation, What should I do?

    Tedlance encourages Tedhirer and Tedlancer to solve service disputes mutually, If still not workout please raise a support ticket with Tedlance for Tedlance dispute team to resolve the dispute,  Tedlance dispute team decision will be final.


  • 16. How much time i can take to accept custom-quote or Ted-Project?

    Once Tedlancer sends you the offer, you must accept with in 7days, other wise the offer will get expire.

  • 17. How to delete my posted Ted-Project?

    You can delete your posted Ted-Projects from Ted-Purchases>> My Ted-Projects