About Tedlance Team

Tedlance was started with an intent to provide a exclusive freelancing platform for  IT Infrastructure Services and Training. Tedlance facilitates employers to choose their required IT Services in Bits and pieces to fulfill their IT requirements, with in their budget.

Whether you need basic OS installation or a complete configuration of any IT systems, Tedlance will connect you to top freelance professionals at no extra cost. Pay only as you go. Pick the best from Our network of best in class experts from all parts of the world.

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Co-founder & Head of Business Operations
A Full-time Freelancer and Domain Expert in IT infrastructure Services. He is the man behind this exclusive freelancing platform for IT Infrastructure specialists all over the globe. With his rich technical experience and passion to mentor others, he will be working 24X7 to create work and money for freelancers.

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R Ramkumar

Co-founder & Head of Technical Operations

A Full-time Freelancer and Domain Expert in IT Infrastructure Services. He is a well-known technical expert and blogger who regularly helps several IT infrastructure experts through his blog unixadminschool.com. And he is also providing computer education  to the students from Indian-rural areas  through his another project called iGURKUL .