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Our endeavor to give best to our customers doesn't end at designing or deploying the networking solution, but we carry it further transforming it from Network to a Managed Environment. We at ajnaa deliver this process of transformation with the help of our enriched understanding of Networks, and the complete insight into our customers' Business Practices. We deploy this solution with the help of different NMS based solutions and enable them predict their growing Network Needs along with the management of the network.

Amidst the technology shift from private networks (LL, VSAT, etc.) to shared networks (VPNs) the threat of the hacking, service denials, network/systems intrusions, eavesdropping of critical data, etc. has also grown. Nevertheless, to keep the networks of our customers safe we at ajnaa design and deploy proactive (Firewall) and reactive (IDS) security solutions. We implement solutions using Linux.
Enterprise ***** Servers
Custom setup of ***** servers, which can scale up to 10s of thousands of users:
•Protocol support: SMTP, POP3, IMAP; web mail access
•Robust spam & virus filtering; security checks
•Instant messaging (chat) service, with clients for desktops & smartphones
•Policy restrictions: Passwords, destination domains & attachments based on users
•High availability option with clustering
•Multiple servers based on partitioned services for scalability
•NAS & SAN support
•Comprehensive logs & reports

Over the past few years, business operations have become increasingly dependent on Information Technology (IT). In fact, IT can be used as a true enabler, by helping give a faster response, a more professional image, helping share information, etc. This is especially important during a challenging economic environment, when every opportunity should be converted to business.
At the same time Data/Information Security is also equally important for every business to grow. To meet this, cost effective, scale-able & rugged Open source based *****ing & security solutions are suggested.

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